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Roger Asmus

Roger is recognized  as one of the top fitness and nutrition experts in the world. Roger’s zest for life and infectious can-do attitude has helped thousands world-wide achieve safe weight loss and improved fitness. Roger has won several natural body building titles, graced covers of national magazines, and appeared on countless TV segments promoting his successful nutrition line. Find out more….

Background and Resume

Fitness Industry

President and COO of Core Health Innovations

  • 15 years developing nutraceutical products targeted to the health and weight loss industry.  Roger works hand in hand with Garden state Nutritionals (GMP certified and FDA inspected facility) to formulate nutraceutical products of Pharmaceutical grade quality.
  • Formulator of Core Health Products:
  • Ignite Maxx™ – Safe, powerful, and effective calorie burner. University test conducted Burns at least 600 calories a day with its key ingredient Capsimax. Other thermogenic compounds work synergisticly  together in order to prolong and enhance  the fat burning process.
  • LepToThin PLUS™  - Fast acting appetite suppressant that also reverses leptin resistance.
  • CleanseToThin™ – Pre-biotic, herbal cleanse that gently helps to rid the body of toxins while you sleep.